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Bulldog Pumpkin Carving Stencil
Courtesy of Pixabay


TrainingDog Training: Common House Training Problems

Cimberly Gonzales 11 months ago
In terms of dog training, house training is one of the areas of dog ownership and one of the most common dog training problems that is most subject to misunderstanding, confusion to dog owners and even dog training experts.

CareBest Ways to Maintain Your Dogs Ears and Hearing

Cimberly Gonzales 12 months ago
In the canine world there are all shapes and sizes of ears. German Shepherds have pricked ears. Dropped or pendulum ears hang down like those on Spaniels and Basset Hounds. Button ears have folds in them, and like dropped ears may need more care. Jack Russell Terriers have button ears. Hairy ears like Poodles and Schnauzers will sometimes grow hair down the ear canal. A dog’s ear is also a little wax factory which is...

ProductsTop 5 Cool Looking Bulldog Speakers

Adorabull Bulldogs 12 months ago
As a Bulldog mom, I am always looking for cool bulldog products to use at home and to wear. I came across these really cool bulldog speakers. I hope they work as cool as they look.

Holidays10 Cute Star Wars Halloween Costumes For Your Bulldog

Adorabull Bulldogs 1 year ago
It’s the countdown to Halloween. So if you haven’t got your fur baby his or her Halloween costume, we have come up with 10 great costumes for that Star Wars fan. These costumes are clever and adorable. R2-D2 The original and classic Star Wars robot superhero. If your fur baby is a bit naughty, then perhaps he is more of a Darth Vader. Is your doggie a Jedi Master? For the princess, then of course...


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