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I expect to pass through life but once. If therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again.  – William Penn

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Adorabull Bulldogs is a fun loving place for all your bulldog photos, videos and breed information. Our hearts belong to bulldogs and we are passionate about the health and welfare of the English Bulldog breed. Our mission is to educate people about the bulldog breed, support pet adoption, human training and the fight to prevent animal cruelty. We strongly encourage adoption, rescue and promote Love Fur Life!

We are a philanthropic company. We believe in A Cause 4 Paws, a small investment with a great impact!  We make donations to significant animal causes we believe in. We want to continue to encourage others to make a difference knowing that a donation is made with each purchase to help bulldog rescues and other animals throughout the USA. Change a life and promote love furlife!

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 About Cimberly

I am a bulldog mom, rescuer, philanthropist and business woman. I am  a long time bulldog lover. I had my first bulldog, at the age of 5. He was male brindle bulldog named Jasper. He was the first English Bulldog and gassy dog I had ever had. He would walk in a room and stink it up so bad people would leave the room. Looking back, it was funny as I recall my cousins holding their noses as they ran out of the van that Jasper was in. Seems he gassed them so bad they had to get out of the car fast.


Growing up we always had some sort of dog, including poodles, chows and muts. My grandmother always took in stray and abandoned dogs and back then I didn’t know she was actually rescuing them. When I was finally on my own, I rescued my first bulldog. Her name was Chula, which means pretty girl in Spanish. She was a beautiful brindle English Bulldog that I rescued from a family who did not want her anymore. She was my first rescue, daughter and my pride and joy.

My second bulldog was Spartacus. He was a beautiful fawn color and a gift from by brother.

Cimberly and Spartacus

Spartacus grew up to weigh 87 pounds. He was a true bulldog; stubborn, smart, pushy and a master manipulator. He loved his dog treats and basking in the sun.


My third baby was Rita. She was also fawn and the apple of my eye. She was petite and the sweetest angel. I rescued her when her former breeder wanted to put her to sleep because he didn’t want to pay for her medical bills. He was a horrible man but I was fortunate enough to have her for a few years. I was happy to take her in and loved her dearly.

Now I am a proud foster mom of Texas. I am fostering him through the Southern California Bulldog Rescue. Texas is an eight year old male. He is brindle and white. This poor baby has been through a lot. He has a fear of other dogs. He has a warm heart but needs a lot of love. I adore him dearly and have been his foster mom for several months.

I am Cimberly. I am a philanthropist, marketing executive and business woman. I advocate for animal rescue and adoption. I like animals and love English Bulldogs. I promotes animal rescue and believes in Love Fur Life!

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